Nervous About Your Root Canal? That Is Normal!

January 13, 2023

Obviously. To perform a root canal we will be drilling into your aching tooth. Needles are involved. Honestly, the whole thing is rather extraordinary.

We could spend a whole blog telling you all the technical reasons why you have nothing to worry about. And we have. Sometimes fear isn’t up for listening to reason. Here are some helpful tips to overcoming fear and extreme stress before your root canal.

Use perspective.

When you are afraid of something, the fear feels like the only thing you can think about. Consider why you are having the procedure done. Right now, you’re probably in pain due to an abcess or broken tooth. From this perspective, root canal surgery is a good thing. It will relieve you of the pain you are in.

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Define your fears.

When we ignore our fears and try to make them go away, we make them worse. You could go as far as getting a journal and writing down exactly what you are worried about going into this root canal. Perhaps a negative experience in the past has followed you, making you anxious. Is this negative experience related to any aspect of getting a root canal?

Learning from experience is a great way to live a better life. Let Dr. Penney or a member of his staff know about your concerns or past experiences. We can’t erase the past, but we can help you determine which parts of your negative experience can be avoided this time around.

Be in the moment.

We hear this advice all the time. To worry is to only think about the future. You are not getting a root canal right now. The fearful anticipation is often the worst part of a root canal for our patients. While there is no magical cure for anxiety and fear that works for everyone, it is worthwhile to address these feelings.

Let Dr. Penney know about your concerns. Remember, every time you face a fear, you become stronger for the next.