Nervous About Your Root Canal?

August 5, 2022

If something is “about as fun as a root canal,” you are probably not looking forward to it. So when your dentist recommends endodontic treatment, we understand your concerns.

Due to dental history and the nature of drilling inside a tooth, root canals have a bad reputation.

Fortunately, science and dentistry practice has come a long way. Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how quick and painless an endodontic procedure is. At James A. Penney III, DDS, PA, endodontics in Little Rock, we want to make our patients as comfortable as possible. Our team is here to make sure all of your questions are answered.

If you have concerns, here are a few things to remember:

We are in the business of taking pain away. Many patients who require endodontic therapy are experiencing a severe toothache. Endodontic therapy removes the damaged tissue inside the tooth that is causing the pain. After a tooth has been endodontically treated, it will be sensitive. In most cases, the pain subsides completely within a few days.

Endodontic therapy is not a one-stop shop.

We will work with you until your tooth is completely back to health. After a root canal your tooth will need protective restoration. Once the endodontic therapy is complete and the decay within your tooth is gone, you will work with an endodontist and restorative dentist to get your tooth strong again.

It doesn’t take the whole day.

A root canal doesn’t take up your whole afternoon. We use a local anesthesia to make sure you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. Since it’s local, this anesthesia won’t knock you out.

We expect most patients to be able to drive immediately following the procedure. Your tooth will be tender, even
sore. It’s important not to chew on the affected side until the treatment is complete.

All the instructions you need and more will be provided to you during your visit. You can learn more about general instructions and home care on our website.

It’s a safe and effective procedure.

Thanks to modern dentistry, and the exemplary team at James A. Penney III, DDS, PA, it’s rare for patients to experience complications after a routine root canal. When complications do occur, you can count on our team to be available to respond at all times.

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