What to Look for When Choosing an Endodontist

December 9, 2022

To an endodontist who has been in practice as long as Dr. James A. Penney has, root canals seem pretty routine.

A good endodontist knows that, while the procedure has been done before, every tooth is different. That is why comprehensive endodontics is important, even if all your dentist has prescribed is a root canal.

Every patient requires a detailed inspection of the area of their mouth giving them trouble. They also need to be accommodated for any concerns or unique needs.

Here are a few things to look for to help you find a good endodontist:

Comprehensive endodontics.

Check what procedures the endodontist offers. Once the detailed inspection of your dental health has been processed, new issues might be discovered. It’s much easier to work with an endodontist that can treat all your inner-teeth issues at the same place. Being familiar with comprehensive endodontics also means that your endodontist is more likely to catch unfamiliar underlying issues. Perhaps all you need is a root canal. Perhaps you need a procedure that is a little more complicated and customized for your situation. For example: is your root canal being performed on a tooth that has already been endodontically treated? This is called endodontic retreatment. Endodontic retreatment offers different challenges and recovery. Perhaps your infection needs to be treated with an Apicoectomy. Are you experiencing a unique kind of pain? Endodontist with a comprehensive background have training to cure cracked teeth and more.


Technology is everything in modern dentistry. To properly treat your tooth, your endodontist needs to be able to clearly see the whole situation. 3D radiographic images are taken so the endodontist can see your teeth in relation to your bones, sinuses, and more. These X-rays are often taken digitally. You won’t view them by holding them up to a light. They are viewed as a 3D image on a computer. Modern technology also reduces the amount of time the patient is exposed to radiation.

Patient care.

Treating each patient’s unique needs is one of the most important part of the treatment. A good endodontist is concerned about your overhealth, not just your tooth. Read reviews online or ask anyone you know that has been a patient before. It is important that your endodontist take the time to address all of your concerns and answer all of your questions.