What Does It Take To Become An Endodontist?

February 16, 2024

The field of endodontics isn’t for everyone who goes through dental school. The skilled endodontists who choose this profession are driven, detail oriented, have a passion for diagnostics, and good dental-chair side manner.

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What Is An Endodontist?


Endodontics is a specialty in the dental field because it is often used when a patient needs more help than their general dentist can provide. This means that an endodontist needs additional education and continued education during their practice. An endodontist spends an additional two years in dental school.

Driven personalities are more likely to choose a specialty in their field because they enjoy the challenge, and value the skills that take time to master.

Detail oriented.

In endodontics, details are very important. Patients that are sent to an endodontists are often experiencing pain that their general dentist could not properly diagnose. This means that the endodontist must take a harder look into the details of the case to diagnose the problem.

Severe tooth pain can be caused by the tiniest detail. Endodontists use operating microscopes during their procedure to ensure precision. They use three dimensional radiographs to observe the inner workings of a single tooth.

A Passion for diagnostics.

Speaking of diagnosing a problem, endodontists are driven by their passion for successfully diagnosing the problem and saving the tooth. If you love problem solving, and aren’t scared away by a challenge, this might be a good field for you.

Dental-chair-side manner.

An endodontist does not see patients as often as a regular dentist. When a patient visits they are likely uneasy to have an unfamiliar face treating their teeth. Not to mention a root-canal is a little nerve wrecking for some.

This is why good chair-side manner is crucial to becoming an endodontist. You need to address all your patients concerns and needs. They will want to know exactly what procedure they are about to undergo and more. If you don’t enjoy talking about teeth, especially the inner-workings of teeth, than you may want to consider a different field.