Tooth Saving Tips for Traumatic Injuries

August 18, 2023

Here are a few tooth-saving tips to keep in your knowledge bank. When an accident occurs, you will spend much less time wondering what to do. Once you get to the dentist, endodontist, or emergency service, they will be able to give you more information regarding your specific condition.

Usually, a tooth falls out due to a traumatic impact to the face. This incident may have caused other injuries or left you feeling disoriented. Sometimes, it’s just the tooth that has been damaged. Either way, if a tooth is missing, no second thoughts are needed, get to a dentist, endodontist, or emergency service as soon as possible.

At James A. Penney III, DDS, PA, Endodontics, we help patients restore displaced, broken, and cracked teeth.

Tip 1: The tooth needs to be reimplanted quickly.

“Quickly” means within 30 minutes. Your chance for successful reimplantation is significantly reduced after 30 minutes.

Even with a lessened chance, you should see a dentist or endodontist. Some teeth have been successfully reimplanted after being dislodged for more than an hour.

Tip 2: Keep the tooth in your mouth or a glass of milk.

The milk thing is not a myth! The tooth that has been dislodged from your gums needs to be kept in a moist environment. Milk and saliva are your best bet. Tap water will only damage the sensitive nerves on your tooth.

If the tooth picked up any dirt after being knocked out, gently rinse it with water before storing it. Don’t scrub the tooth or use any chemicals.

Tip 3: It’s ok to return the tooth to the empty socket.

Depending on the type of injury you’ve sustained from the trauma that knocked out your tooth, you may be able to put the tooth back in its socket.

Do this gently. Do not force the tooth back into your gums. If you want to keep the tooth safely in your mouth, store it in your cheek.

Tip 4: Handle the tooth from the chewing surface.

The root end of your displaced tooth has important fibers. The less these are disrupted, the better the chance you have of successful reimplantation.