Starting The Year Off With a Root Canal? Make The Most Of It

January 1, 2024

Everyone is celebrating holidays this time of year. Especially as the new year begins. But your dentist tells you that you need a root canal as soon as possible.

Is it a bad sign that you are starting the year off with a dreaded dental procedure? Not at all! The root canal will heal your tooth, take away any pain you may be experiencing, and give you peace of mind that the removed infection will not spread.

Root canals are virtually painless. Modern technology has given endodontists like Dr. Penney the ability to

  • efficiently and effectively clean out the infected pulp of your tooth,
  • fill it with a strong substitute,
  • and restructure the tooth so it can go back to being part of your smile.

Here is why you should make the most of your early-year root canal.

1. It is likely you will be pleasantly surprised by the experience.

Misconceptions about root canals come from outdated procedures. It has been decades since root canals were performed without modern technology.

The daunting reputation root canals have could be the result of the procedure being so common. Root canals seemed to be the popular thing to dread. — Comedians had to find some way to create relatable humor before the internet.

Perhaps by the time they were widely regarded as a source of relatable humor, the procedure had drastically changed. Today, root canals are surprisingly painless and quick. Check out our Facebook reviews.

2. Start out your year by getting rid of pain.

Toothaches are a good reminder that something small can still have a large impact. Even if the pain you are experiencing is not severe, it can disrupt your day-to-day life.

An untreated dental issue is very likely to worsen. Even a dull toothache has been to known knock some people off their game.

We’d rather end your pain and save the tooth!

3. You are saving your natural teeth.

It is always better if the infection or disease can be cured with a root canal. Years of research have taught us that your natural teeth are the best teeth for you. A tooth that needs to be removed has been examined for all other possible remedies.

Start the year off by taking the best care of your smile. Your future self will thank you!