Should You Save the Tooth?

July 15, 2022

If you are considering Endodontic therapy for a damaged tooth, you’ve probably had to ask yourself the following question: Should I save the tooth or replace the tooth with an artificial one?

At James A. Penney, III, DDS, PA Endodontics we are a little biased. We have spent years restoring natural smiles and watching patients successfully recover from severe tooth damage. Saving damaged teeth and assisting patients in recovery after mouth trauma is our specialty.

In our opinion, it’s always better to try and save the tooth.

Natural is healthier.

Although dental technology is improving, research shows that a natural tooth is better for your overall health than an artificial one.

An artificial tooth or bridge has a higher chance of affecting your overall health over time. After having a tooth replaced there could be sensitivity problems. Some patients report having to avoid certain foods.

Endodontically treated teeth also have less chance of becoming infected or causing pain. We often help patients diagnose and cure chronic tooth pain, without having to replace the tooth. A endodontic treatment involves replacing the soft tissue, or pulp inside your tooth. For all practical purposes there is no difference between a natural tooth and a tooth that has been endodontically treated.

More cost efficient.

In most cases, having endodontic therapy is more cost efficient than replacing the tooth. There are many factors we consider to help determine the cost of your endodontic therapy. The two main factors we consider are:

  • the severity of damage to your tooth and
  • where the damaged tooth is located.

Replacing a tooth, in most cases, is much more expensive. The procedure involves having the tooth extracted and replaced with an artificial tooth. What about bridges? Having a bridge implanted, in many cases, is also much more time consuming. Over time it can cause damage to the surrounding area.

With a healthy, natural tooth, there is less chance of dental problems down the road.

Less time consuming.

Endodontic treatments are characterized by advanced dental technology and minimal follow-up treatments. A common endodontic therapy treatment will only take one to three visits to our office. James A. Penney, III, DDS, PA Endodontics is conveniently located at 13239 Cantrell Road, Suite B Little Rock, AR .

Our goal is to restore your tooth to a healthy condition that will last a lifetime.

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