New Year, No More Pain!

January 1, 2023

It is time to get honest with your dentist before your toothache gets worse.

As the new year rolls in we all take a good look at our lives. Many will get gym memberships and promise to eat better. What about your dental health? Start this year with a plan to stop ignoring your toothaches.

A root canal might seem like a gloomy way to start the year, but untreated dental problems will most often get worse.

This could be the year you finally get your healthy, pain-free smile back.

Here are a few ways you can talk with your dentist about toothaches — and be rid of them for good!

1. Be honest about your dental hygiene routine.

We are all human. Even your dentist may not have a perfectly regimented dental hygiene routine. The best way to get to the source of your pain is to have an honest conversation with your dentist about how you’ve been brushing, how often, if you are using the correct technique, and more.

2. Talk about your diet.

This might seem odd. But your toothache may be caused by a sudden shift in your diet. Food that is a great source of nutrition for your body may not be good for your teeth.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to give up good food just for your teeth. But you may have to be more mindful about when you eat certain kinds of foods and when you brush your teeth. Any foods you eat weaken your tough enamel. Your teeth need at least 30 minutes to become strong again. This is especially true for foods with sugar.

3. Share your concerns.

As a specialist, Dr. Penney gets a lot of patients who are getting a root canal for the first time. Many are nervous. We want to hear about your concerns. Your dentist also wants to know about any fears you have about dental work.

Your comfort is important to your dentist and to any specialist your dentist sends you to. Your concerns could change how the procedure is approached, or how thoroughly it is explained