How Endodontics Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

March 10, 2023

There are many reasons to take good care of your teeth. At James A. Penney III, DDS, PA, Endodontics, we are in the business of saving teeth. We’d like to see you live out the rest of your days with healthy, natural teeth.

This is because we know that oral health is good for your overall health. Think about it. Your mouth consumes nutrition, communicates with others, and offers a first-line of defense against bacteria entering your body.

Here are a few ways endodontics, and healthy teeth can improve your quality of life.

1. No more pain.

The first and most obvious reason for endodontic care is the miserable experience that is a toothache. How can something so small be so painful?

After your tooth has been endodontically treated it is safe from the harmful bacteria that was causing the decay. It also no longer has sensitive nerve endings.

2. Better sleep.

Poor oral health can inhibit a proper sleep schedule in many ways. Grinding your teeth can keep you from resting well, toothaches can keep you up at night, even oral-related headaches can ruin your good night of sleep.

By keeping your teeth healthy, you are ensuring you won’t be waking up, night after night, for a cold pack to ease your throbbing tooth.

3. Better nutrition.

If you have to eat soft foods to accommodate poor oral health, you are likely not getting the nutrients you need. Strong, healthy teeth will ensure that you can consume quality nutrition.

Your mouth fights against the bad bacteria trying to enter your body. If a tooth is experiencing decay, your mouth won’t be able to do that as well. A tooth experiencing decay is not up for defending itself against the bacteria that will cause even more decay.

A healthy mouth will allow you to consume delicious nutrients, and keep bad bacteria from entering your body or causing more damage to your teeth.

4. Communicate well.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a healthy life, communication with others. Even successful millionaires will tell you, true happiness in life comes from the connections we have with the people who love you. Your ability to successfully and confidently — no bad breath — communicate with your friends family is essential to your quality of life.

To keep your teeth healthy, it is important that you address issues before they become worse. Don’t ignore that toothache, tell your dentist. If your bite seems off, tell your dentist. The sooner we can help get your teeth back in place, the better.