How Do Root Canals Fix Teeth?

June 3, 2022

Root canals are done when a tooth has decay or an injury that can’t be fixed with a filling. The procedure cures the troubled tooth and allows it to continue to function inside your mouth.

Why is this considered a “fix”? Your tooth has responsibilities. When it stops functioning as a healthy tooth, more serious problems start rising.

Tooth Responsibilities

  • Eating.
  • Smiling.

Your teeth are crucial for biting and chewing food. Without them we would have far less dietary options.

A tooth is also responsible for your healthy-looking smile. This is linked to the social aspects of your life and even how your view yourself. A single tooth failing to maintain its structure could mean the whole row of teeth moving out of alignment.

How Root Canals Heal Teeth

The procedure is rather common and usually very effective. All cases are unique. Here is how a root canal would help a troubled tooth.

First, the patient realizes there is a problem. The first stage in most dental problems involves a lot of pain. The hard outer-shell of the tooth has been damaged. The sensitive, nerve-filled dentin is sending pain signals to your brain like an ambulance siren.

Something is wrong! Your tooth may stabilize and stop bothering the dentin. But that does not mean the problem won’t be back.

During a root canal the roots of the tooth where the dentin is located are cleaned out. Removing all bacteria, decay, and infection.

Once the tooth is clean, your endodontist will fill your tooth’s root canals with a filler, seal off the area, and prep the outer shell for a permanent crown.

Why Heal A Tooth?

The damage to the outer shell has reached far enough into your tooth to allow for bacteria to get in. At this point, your tooth is exposed to infections and possibly further damage.

Left untreated, an infection is likely to grow. Your immune will step in, but it is often not enough to get rid of the infection. With your immune system focused on the infection in your jaw, it has less capacity to function for the rest of your body.