Endodontists, Tooth Extractions and Tooth Implants

January 4, 2022
If you experience traumatic injury to your teeth, it can lead to cracks and severe damage that lead to tooth loss. However, if you seek immediate emergency attention from an endodontist, you can greatly increase the odds of saving your teeth. Here we look at how endodontists can help you following severe tooth trauma.

Symptoms That You Might Require an Endodontist

Damaged teeth that don’t occur as the result of an accident tend to share some symptoms in common including pain when chewing, temperature sensitivities, or even the release of biting pressure. If you experience severe pain, it could be because the damage is severe enough to reach the sensitive inner pulp of your tooth. This requires immediate attention as it can lead to serious infection.

Types of Damage Endodontists Treat

Cracks in the teeth are one of the most common issues endodontists treat. It is important to seek help if you are experiencing sharp pain in your tooth as this can indicate you have developed a problematic crack affecting your pulp tissue. There are a few different types of cracks:

Craze Lines: These tiny cracks are completely superficial as they only affect the outer enamel of the tooth. They won’t cause issues and are no reason for concern.

Fractured Cusp: Although this damage is far more noticeable it rarely damages the pulp. Root canals are therefore not required, and instead, the tooth can be restored with a full crown.

Treatable Cracked Tooth: This crack extends from the chewing surface of the tooth and goes down vertically to the root and sometimes below the gum line. If the crack extends into the root the pulp can be damaged and a root canal is required. If not treated soon enough you might even lose the tooth.

Split Tooth: If a more severe crack is not treated it can develop into a split. In this case, the tooth has two distinct segments and unfortunately means your tooth can’t be kept intact. However, depending on the damage, it might be possible to save a portion of the tooth with endodontic retreatment or restoration.

While craze lines don’t require treatment, the other three cracks do require attention as soon as possible.

When are Tooth Extractions Required?

There are a few reasons traumatic tooth injury might require an extraction:

Overcrowding: If the impact knocks teeth out of place, this can lead to crowding. This puts all of your teeth at risk. In order to allow your essential teeth enough room to move back into place, your non-essential teeth are extracted to improve overall dental health.  

Infection: Infection that sets into the pulp in a severely damaged tooth often means a root canal won’t be effective. In this case, an extraction might be necessary.

Severe Damage: When a tooth has suffered too much damage or decay has become too severe, the tooth might be too far gone for treatment. Extraction is the only way to reduce the possibility of infection which can spread to other teeth causing even further damage.

Your endodontist always prioritizes saving your natural teeth. However, in some instances, the teeth just aren’t salvageable.

Tooth Implants

If extraction is necessary, the good news is tooth implants offer a permanent, natural-looking tooth that also feels like your real teeth. They are inserted by first surgically implanting a post that acts just like your natural tooth root, and then inserting your replacement tooth onto the posts.

If you are suffering from broken teeth, or traumatic tooth injuries Become a New Patient.