Cool Toothbrushes To Keep Dental Hygiene Interesting

May 27, 2022

Brushing your teeth doesn’t have to be boring! The toothbrush has been around forever. So, naturally, designers and engineers have tried to come up with new kinds of toothbrushes for us to use. While these toothbrushes are cool, some of them are still waiting to be approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). At James A. Penney III, DDS, PA Endodontics we only recommend toothbrushes that have been approved by the ADA.

Get some inspiration here. Watch these new ideas go through the approval process. Make your toothbrush more fun!

DEWS Upstanding toothbrush.

Hate it when your toothbrush falls over onto an unhygienic surface? This toothbrush could change all that. Designer Ryan Harc created this toothbrush to remain upstanding.

The extra weight and standing surface at the handle-end of the toothbrush keep it standing tall. Eliminating the need for a toothbrush holder.

‘more-T’ t-shaped toothbrush.

Struggle with brushing your teeth too hard? We all know it’s better to brush your teeth in a circular motion and to “message” rather than scrub. However, on a Monday morning when you are rushing to get to work on time, technique tends to take a back seat.

The shape of the toothbrush encourages up-and-down brushing. Let’s see what the ADA has to say.

Premium Toothbrush — eco-friendly.

Everything Goodwell sells has the earth in mind. This toothbrush comes with attachments. Once a brush is used, it can be composted. A new brush can be screwed on to the aluminum handle.

This brush takes its eco-friendly mission to the next level with various attachments. While the toothbrush comes with brush attachments, users can upgrade to get a flosser and tongue scraper. Both attachments can be screwed into the same aluminum handle.

Disguised toothbrush.

Need to take your toothbrush on the go? Keep your brush clean and safe inside these cleverly disguised designs.

The Panasonic Doltz Pocket Sonic Toothbrush is a purse-worthy accessory. The toothbrush is covered in a sleek design. A stylish tool you won’t mind carrying around in public.

The OHSO Marko Travel Toothbrush looks very similar to a pen. Where a pen would normally store ink, this toothbrush features a convenient chamber for a small tube of toothpaste.

Expensive toothbrush.

Some dental enthusiast really put their money where their mouth is. The DiamondClean toothbrush can cost as much as $400 — and this is not even close to the most expensive toothbrush out there.

Phillips Sonicare put more than just some creative thinking behind this toothbrush. The DiamondClean toothbrush is one of the tops recommended toothbrushes in the industry. It removes 100% more plaque than a regular toothbrush does.