Can An Endodontist Put You To Sleep For a Root Canal?

February 3, 2022

Little Rock Endodontist Education – Root Canal Information

Going under unconscious sedation for a root canal is unnecessary and will only put your body through more distress. For patients dealing with fear, a severe gag reflex, special needs, dementia, or other complications, we recommend and will provide, nitrous oxide analgesia to help you relax.

If you are looking for a virtually pain-free root canal, you’ve found it. You made the right choice coming to James A. Penney III, DDS, PA, Endodontics. Dr. Penney is a specialist, he teaches endodontics, and he has years of experience under his belt. You are in good hands!

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Nervous about your root canal?

We understand that our reassurance can mean very little to new patients. It is important to remember being nervous you will experience pain during your root canal is very normal.

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What will happen during the procedure?

Dr. Penney will first answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. He will explain the basics of the procedure. A root canal does not take long to perform.

Typically, you will receive a local anesthetic. Dr. Penney will drill an opening on the chewing surface of your tooth. From there the injured or infected pulp will be removed. The root of your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and a replacement for the removed pulp will be placed and sealed.

This is a common question.

Many people link root canals and sedation because of a poor portrayal of the procedure in media or because of misinformation. Unconscious sedation is very rare in our office. Even when we count the cases where patients fell asleep on their own.