ASMR Videos If They Were Made For Endodontists

July 21, 2023

ASMR videos can be super relaxing. The key is to find the right sounds. Endodontists spend their whole career saving teeth. Here are a few ideas for ASMR videos that an endodontist would appreciate.

What healthy dental habits do you enjoy?

1. A clever thinker opening a plastic casing with a can opener instead of using their teeth. Endodontists see many cracked teeth. They know the painful risk someone takes when they use their teeth as a tool.

2. A drink filled with ice and the only purpose the ice serves is to chill the beverage, not to be crunched by teeth. Chewing on ice is another common cause of cracked teeth. If your enamel is not strong enough, it could do some serious harm to your tooth.

3. A dental chair moving up and down. The backrest getting into the perfect position for each patient.

4. Someone brushing their teeth in gentle circular motions instead of harsh scrubbing motions. This track plays twice a day. Scrubbing your teeth with your toothbrush might seem faster, but it can be harmful to your enamel. It is recommended that everyone take their time and use proper technique when brushing.

5. The sound of digital x-rays that will be turned into a 3D radiographic images by a Cone Beam CT scan. It might sound like a gentle hum to anyone else. An endodontist would truly appreciate the sound of the technology that finds the nearly invisible causes of a toothache.

6. Someone drinking water after a sugary beverage to rinse the sugar off their teeth. Beverages that contain sugar are a large cause of tooth decay. The sugar sits on your teeth long after you’ve finished the drink. A glass of water will help rinse the sugar off. — Wait at least 30 minutes before brushing
your teeth.

7. The phone call to set up an appointment with a restorative dentist. The cap an endodontist places on your tooth is not designed to last long. You will need a restorative dentist to get your tooth back to full strength.

8. The sound of someone finally getting a good night of sleep because they no longer have a toothache.