Are Endodontists Better at Root Canals?

November 3, 2021
Root canals can be performed by general dentists, or specialists called endodontists. If you require a root canal you might be wondering if it makes more sense to stick with your regular dentist or schedule an appointment with a Little Rock endodontist. While your general dentist is trained to perform procedures such as root canals, they might not be as well equipped, or have the same level of training as an endodontist. Here we explain why endodontists are better at Little Rock root canals.

Level of Expertise

First and foremost you can’t get away from the fact an endodontist offers a higher level of expertise to perform your root canal. They are your root canal experts in Little Rock. They have taken the four-year course like your dentist but then continued with an additional two or three years to specialize in performing endodontic treatments including root canals. Their focus is root canal pain, broken teeth, or traumatic tooth injuries. As a result, they have performed far more procedures compared to your regular dentist. In fact, they perform as many as 25 root canals a week. Chances are your regular dentist does just one or two.  

State of the Art Equipment

Since endodontists focus on root canals, they invest in the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to make their jobs easier. This provides a higher level of efficiency, as well as comfort. Their offices are well equipped with the latest surgical microscopes for examining your tooth’s interior and often use 3D x-ray imaging.

Better Diagnostic Skills

Part of an endodontist’s expertise is their ability to make an accurate diagnosis of challenging, less obvious cases. As mentioned above they use advanced technology to help improve their assessment capabilities, so they are better able to pinpoint issues and make stronger treatment recommendations to improve outcomes.

Efficient Scheduling

Endodontists provide efficient scheduling thanks to the use of more effective equipment. They are better able to complete your appointments in less time and often can do so in a single appointment. This makes it easier for you to arrange your own schedule with reduced time away from work, home, or school.

Higher Rate of Success

Statistics show there can be higher success rates for root canals for endodontists than general dentists. Different research reports different results, but for the most part, the success rates vary between 8% at the low end to 25% at the high end when looking at the increase in success for endodontists.

Improved Pain Management

As mentioned above, endodontists specialize not only in root canals but root canal pain management. Their goal is to find the quickest way to reduce pain, which in many cases is performing a root canal. By removing the infected, inflamed inner pulp of the tooth, they reduce pressure on the sensitive nerves and soft tissue. They then remove decay and bacteria and fill the canal to protect the tooth from further infection. They can also anticipate root canal pain issues and help prevent them.

As you can see the expertise of an endodontist provides better care when it comes to root canals.

If you are suffering from root canal pain, broken teeth or traumatic tooth injuries Become a New Patient.